All the menswear in stock is reduced in the sale.  Please ring for sizes and styles available.

  •     Prince Edward:   Black and Navy available with either pinstripe or plain trousers.
  •     Prince Edward:   Brown, Beige, Slate grey, Mid grey, Light grey, Dark grey and Cream,
  •     available with matching trousers.
  •     Tailcoat suits:      Black & Navy with pinstripe trousers, Grey with matching trousers.
  •     Frockcoat suits:  Black & Navy with pinstripe trousers.
  •     Lounge suit:        Black, Navy or Grey
  •     Dinnersuits:         Single or Double breasted, black with matching trousers
  •     Tuxedo:              White with black trousers
  •     Highlandwear:     Prince Charlie or Argyle jackets with many different tartans.
  •     Waistcoats:         47 different colours with matching cravats, ruches, ties and hankies


We reserve Wednesday evenings for menswear appoinments. 
Please ring 01298 72059Black prince edward


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